Pryce Race Engines                                    

At Pryce Race Engines,

We pride ourselves on quality and workman ship.

We cater for Industrial, Agricultural, Race & domestic applications.

We are only too happy to help with your inquiry, just ask one of our friendly team for the support you’re looking for.

If however you’re not sure about your requirements, our team and its resources have many years of experience in all types of

internal combustion applications from Diesel, Gas, Petroleum, Nitrous, Alcohol based fuels.

Pryce Race Engines are used in many motor sport arenas’ including

Rally, Drag, High-Power Water Jet Craft to Circuit Racing, , Speedway, agricultural & general purpose private domestic use.

See our serviceslink above for full details of services and applications that we can assist you with.

We have the latest in house reconditioning machinery to cater for a complete rebuild. 

All work is carried out in house and is not contracted out, the job from start to finish stays with us.



Performance Race Engines.